Looking for funny, authentic, engaging and interactive training? Want a speaker that can bridge the gap between the varying backgrounds and generations represented in your organization while giving you an experience that will inspire your audience with ideas that have an impact? Whether it’s for a keynote, workshop or breakout session; a handful of executives or several thousand attendees; Aden will organize her material to meet your needs as a client and to support your conference theme.


Improv, Communication Skills, Team Building and more...
Team Buidling

Your team should be operating at its peak! Co-create, collaborate and cooperate better with playful and effective tools from the world of improv!

Keynote Speaking

With power packed content from the Art of Change, don’t just hire a speaker, make it interactive!


From talking to singing, up your performance game! Improv is fun, engaging… and strangely addictive!


Looking for deeper insight into your next moves? Better decisions? Healthier habits? Happy to help!


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I love being part of these GREAT organizations!
Merlin Works
Merlin Works
Institute for Improvisation
You improvise every day. Why not get good at it?
The Art of Change
The Art of Change
Skills for Life
Because change is inevitable. But progress is not. YOU make the difference!
Infinite Improv!
Anything can happen and everything does!
On Your Feet
On Your Feet
Improvisation for Business
When you behave like an improviser, work gets better.

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